What is Deathwave TV?

We are producers of all original video content featuring artists, musicians, and bands from the deepest recesses of the underground to every spectrum above it. Through high-definition captures of performances, music videos, documentaries, and other audio/visual ephemera, we seek to use the audio/visual medium as our canvas in manifesting compelling looks into unique communities, and our mission is to document and promote the insane wealth of eclectic artistry that is happening all around us.

How Does Deathwave TV Operate?

Deathwave TV is a wholly independent operation, with 99% of our content being freely available and produced at no cost to the individuals featured.

We also accept commissions for helping others produce their own unique projects, including directing, shooting, editing, and post production. Interested in working with us? Drop a line at the email below.

Who Are We?

Deathwave TV is a subsidiary of Auris Apothecary.

Deathwave TV is an ever-expanding entity, and is made possible through the hard work of a multitude of people both directly and indirectly, including the booking agents who set up the concerts, the bands who perform, the employees & owners of venues, and the various associates who help us with the recording process.

Contact Us:

Email: info@Deathwave.tv