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“Nick McGill & The Gardening of Art and Sound”

  •   POSTED : October 12, 2023
  •   CATEGORY : Feature

Deathwave TV is proud to present a new mini-documentary feature, “The Gardening of Art and Sound,” featuring Bloomington, Indiana artist, musician, gardener, and all around amazing human, Nick McGill.

With an artistic career spanning over 3 decades, Nick has spent his life crafting art in its infinitely malleable forms, beginning with sculpting using junk metal and recycled scraps before transitioning to more sustainable materials like wood. In addition to physical pieces of art, Nick has released 10+ albums spread across multiple record labels with his project Sitar Outreach Ministry, a constantly-evolving psychedelic experience of otherworldly sounds. Nick is also an avid gardener and nurturer of Earth, supporting organic self-sustenance and preservation with a humble reverence for the bountiful gifts of the natural world.

Directed & Edited by BW
Produced by Deathwave TV
Film sequences shot on Kodak 50D/7203 Super 8 Film
Film Developed & Scanned by Pro8MM
Soundtrack by Sitar Outreach Ministry

Listen and follow Sitar Outreach Ministry:


00:00 – Introduction
01:19 – Sculptures
02:49 – Sitar Outreach Ministry
05:24 – Instrument Building
07:27 – Gardening
11:17 – Credits