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Disperser – “Burn Sores” Music Video / Short Film

Chicago, IL math punk duo DISPERSER are no strangers to all things weird, loud, and disorienting. Their sound is an abrasive mix of slimy riffs coupled with grindcore-like intensity beneath screamed, absurdist lyrics – all in ultra short bursts of songs that usually clock in under 2 minutes each. In essence, they are an embodiment of the extreme. So it’s no surprise that their music videos have followed suit, serving as a distorted looking glass into their strange world and even stranger minds.

Their newest music video, for the track “Burn Sores” off their debut full length A Bastion of Et Cetera, is not just a music video – it’s also a bizarre short film that tells the story of two odd fellows (played by the band members) as they pick up some unique cargo from a similarly-dressed, similarly-odd colleague of theirs. Although the story lacks any kind of dialogue, and their mission is not quite clear, the narrative carries the viewer along for a ride that increases in intensity until the very last moments of crazed delirium. But we won’t give it away…

Shot in a single day with no budget, no crew, and no gear aside from a gimbal and old DSLR, what “Burn Sores” lacks in production value it makes up for in its wild execution.

Directed and Edited by Dante Augustus Scarlatti
Produced by Disperser and Dante Augustus Scarlatti
Featuring Jay Meyers and Disperser