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Sir Deja Doog – “The Hunchback Hump” Music Video

In honor of Halloween, we’re pleased to share this excellent new music video from Bloomington, Indiana artist Sir Deja Doog. “The Hunchback Hump” is a tune that sounds like it could have been pulled from a vintage 45 in a $0.10 bin at a musty record store, evoking classic Halloween nostalgia and mixing it with a catchy “dance” routine.

The music video was created by Indianapolis art duo BRAIN TWINS, and it turns the Halloween fever up to 10 with animations of bats, haunted houses, skeletons, and other creepy ephemera in what is feels like a lost video reel from a kid’s television show. It’s bizarre and surreal, and we can’t get enough.

Sir Deja Doog on Bandcamp: https://sirdejadoog.bandcamp.com/album/the-return-of-sir-deja-doog

Brain Twins website: http://www.braintwins.net/